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Inspired by a Personal Experience

It was my own personal experience as a son caring for my 83 year old father, after the loss of my mom to Cancer. Living 4 hours away from my father and understanding that he did not want to leave his home, became a very emotional challenge for me. I knew I would need to get my father to dialysis 3 times a week, as well as getting him to Doctor’s appointments and food shopping as well.

I had to figure out a plan, as he was determined to stay in his home that he shared for many years with my mother. After countless phone calls to trying to locate a reputable Home Companion Company to take care of my father, I was not successful. So, unfortunately I had to put my father into assistant living and he became a very unhappy man. His will to live and his health went drastically down hill.. Prior to my father passing away, he had expressed to me how he wished he was able to stay in his own home. This broke my heart.

My own personal experience with my father inspired me to launch Premiere Home Care Associates. I realized many families had the same need for non-medical in-home care and elder companionship that could help seniors live independently at home. I made a promise to my father, that I would do everything in my power to make sure that seniors had the option to live in their home for as long as medically possible.

I believe in offering one on one, non-medical assistance care custom
suited to your own individual needs, so that you can remain in your home for as long as medically possible. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help families and individuals and I hope that I can continue to do this for many years to come. Premiere Home Care’s greatest wish is to be able to say
“We Made a Difference”.

Gary SchulerCEO – Premiere Home Care Associates

Customized In-Home Care Services For Those With Special Needs

Lastly, Premiere Home Care Associates is not a franchise. It is an LLC owned by a Health Care Professional, who has over 10 years of experience in the Home Health Care field. We believe in supremely personal service. We believe that it is not about marketing an image or maximizing profit but how well we perform in providing well matched, quality caregivers. The profit we make is a measure of the quality of our care, not the reason we do it. This will help us to continue to build our reputation and the credibility as the most trusted name in the business.

Premiere Home Care Associates offers a unique business model utilizing far more advanced technology than any other provider in our service area. This allows our direct care staff much more time spent with our clients providing them with the excellent care they deserve. In addition our screening for all direct care staff are the most stringent in the industry. We screen all our companions by conducting state and county level criminal background as well as personal and professional reference checks. If transportation is included in the services to be provided, the companion’s driver’s license is verified and their driving record is checked as well as car insurance to ensure they meet stringent standards. We spend approximately twice the amount of our competition on the various background checks we require of our applicants. We honor our reputation and feel that this will only continue to build our reputation and credibility as the most trusted name in the business.

Lastly, our Companions look at this calling as something much higher than a mere job for pay. Premiere Home Care Associates companions are people who place the well being and concerns of their charge above their own. Our companions exercise the highest possible levels of compassion, patience and care. They do this work because it is a solid contribution to their community and satisfies their sense of caring and services.

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Gary SchulerAbout Owner