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Provide socialization, friendship and support

Having companion care can make life easier for you. If you just need driving to the Doctor’s, or a socialization event that you feel uncomfortable attending alone.. or just need a friend.

We understand how lonely one can get after the loss of a mate or just plain simply living alone. Living in your own home in your later years should be an option that all seniors can consider. Unfortunately, as we become susceptible to the limitations of aging, loss of a spouse or mate, activities that were once easy, enjoyable and necessary become difficult, if not impossible. When the activities of daily living become difficult or overwhelming, you need someone to help you out.

Friendly Dog Walks

Our complete companion care home associates understand that pets become just like family members, and are a big part of complete home care.

Our number one goal at Premiere Home Care Associates is to help our Clients remain in their homes so that they do not have to give up their pet that they cherish.

However, we do understand that as we age, that taking care of a pet can become difficult at times.  Our home senior care companions will walk your dog, and clean up after him or her.  Additionally, they will care of your cat and will clean the litter box as well.

Our Homemaker Companion will also bathe your pet if the pet allows. Not being able to get your pet to a Veterinarian as we age can also become a problem.  Our companions will be available to either accompany you or take your pet to the Veterinarian to be looked at and checked to make sure they are in good health.

It is very important as we get older to have a pet as a companion.  It forces us to get out of the chair and get some exercise walking a dog or even playing with our cat.

Nothing like a good walk in the park with one of our home senior care companions, walking your dog will not only make you happy but will make your pet happy as well. They say having a pet is good for our well-being.  Having a healthy happy pet that is well taken care of, and allows our client to be able to keep their pet is one of our goals at Premiere Home Care Associates.

Comapanion cares can fulfill your needs. We understand that each situation is unique and we are willing to personally customize the care necessary to make our Clients feel comfortable and happy.

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