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Shopping & Performing Household Errands

Our complete home care team will be more than happy to drive you as well as accompany you on any shopping trips or errands that are needed.

Food shopping can be a hard task to accomplish by yourself. Complete home care team will take your food shopping, load your groceries into the car, take them into your home and put them away under your direction.

Our Elderly Companion Care team also love driving our Clients to a local mall for a day of clothes shopping and ending the afternoon with an enjoyable lunch at your favorite restaurant. If you also like going to the movies, golfing, bingo, walks in the park, hair/nail appointments or going to the beach.

Elderly Companion Care would love to drive and accompany you.. We also know how important it is to keep up on errands that are needed to be accomplished throughout the day. So, whether its running to the dry cleaners, post office, taking car to mechanic for service, or other errands that are needed to be done.

One of our Homemaker Companions are more than happy to make sure that all your errands are done in a timely manner. Our Homemaker Companions goals are to make sure that your activities of daily living do not become difficult or overwhelming to you. We are here to help you make your day as enjoyable and as easy as possible for you.

Homemaker Companions Will Drive To Shopping & Performing Household Errands

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