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Assistance With Light Housekeeping

Our in home care services helps to take that pressure off your shoulders.  As we age, housekeeping can become harder and harder to accomplish. Bending down, or squatting or putting pressure on our knees as we get older can be quite painful.

Our senior in home services include the following clean your bathroom, including the shower, toilet, mirrors and light floors. Kitchens can also be an area. that if not kept up can be very hard to keep clean.

Our Homemaker Companions will clean the kitchen after each use and will wipe down appliance and light wiping and cleaning of kitchen floors. Vacuum, dusting and light cleaning of all rooms in the house. During our initial assessment, we will put together a daily and weekly schedule of your expectations, and how you would like your home kept clean.

We also know having a pet needs extra attention, as well as daily cleaning.

In home services helps to do whatever possible to make living in your home as comfortable for you as possible.

Houekeeping By Our Compassionate Companion Care In West Palm Beach

Taking Care Of Personal Laundry & Bed Linens

Our in-home care services that we provide are doing laundry and changing bed linens, which can be a major task. Having to lift or bending over can be a major problem for a lot of people. Our home senior care companions are willing to do your laundry under your direction.

In-home care services provided are loading the washer, remove the clothing from the washer to the dryer and fold your clothes per your liking. Our Homemaker Companions will also hang or put your clothes away for you. In additions, our Companions will also make a trip to the dry cleaners, if necessary.

Changing beds can be a hard task for someone that has low back pain or unable to bend. Our home senior care companions will remove your bed linens and launder and dry them for you. They will make your bed under your direction and to your liking.

Also, once a month or upon your request our Companions will be more than happy to vacuum your mattress prior to putting clean linens on your bed.  Call today about our in-home care services.

Our companions also know how hard it is to write correspondence to insurance companies etc. We’re able to help you write correspondence, pick up the phone and contact Insurance Companies, Hospitals or Doctor’s offices to make to help you understand their billing.

Making and changing the beds

We all know how hard it is in our later years bending down to change or make our bedding.  Our elderly care services will take care of this task for you.  Depending on the wishes of our clients senior home care can be done on a daily or weekly basis.  Not only is it important to make and change our bedding, but it’s also important to vacuum our bedding, as well as turning the mattress at our clients request.

Our elderly care companions will also wipe down the bedroom furniture, as well as making sure that it is clean and free of dust under the bed.  Nothing like getting into bed at night with the smell of clean sheets.  It is very important to make sure that our bedroom that we sleep in, is clean and free of dust…so we can continue to get a good night sleep and be well rested for a new day.

Our Companion care are there to be your advocate and help make sure that your not being taken advantage of when it comes to bills that you are required to pay.

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