Senior Citizen Transportation Services Throughout The Palm Beaches

The Benefit of Our Services

Our senior citizen transportation services will be more than happy to drive as well as accompany you to any appointment that you need to attend. If you need to get to a doctor’s, dentist, eye, or any other appointment, we will provide safe transportation.

Our team also knows how important your pets are to us, and are more than willing to transport as well as accompany you and your pet to the Veterinary office. They will make sure the address and directions are correct and that your 15 minutes early for any of your appointments. They can either use your car or their car to drive you to any appointment. If our senior citizen transportation services use their car, an additional charge per mile will be added to your daily charge.

All of our Homemaker Companion Care Driver’s License, Insurance and Registration will be verified. If our services use your car, we will also verify your Insurance and Registration as well.

Let our more than qualified senior transportation services drive you to your next appointment. You deserve to be chauffeured around town.

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