Senior Home Care In Palm Beach: Fall Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Falls can result in moderate to severe injuries such as lacerations, hip fractures, head traumas, and traumatic brain injuries. Fractures to the hip, pelvis, spine, arm, leg, ankle and hand could also occur.

Below Are Some Tips By Senior Home Care Palm Beach That Can Help In Preventing Falls

Encourage Seniors To Exercise Regularly

Lack of physical activity will result in poor muscle tone, loss of bone flexibility and mass along with overall weakness. All of which can increase the chances of falls and cause injuries. Select exercises that can increase the strength of legs and improve flexibility and balance.

Pay A Visit To The Doctor

imagesFew prescription and over-the-counter medicines may cause drowsiness and dizziness. Senior home care Palm Beach advises that you should have a talk with your doctor and discuss on how to reduce the side effects.

Visit The Eye Doctor

Glaucoma and cataracts may result into poor perception and sensitivity to glare. These things can impede on their ability to navigate their way through the area. Make a visit to the ophthalmologist and get the eyeglasses checked and worked on to maximize their vision.

Make Your Home Fall-Proof

The environment in which the senior moves around should have sufficient lights. Make sure there is enough clearance space for them to freely walk around. Don’t have too much of decorative elements lying around the house. Make use of anti-slip pads under the rugs to prevent fall.

Gary Schuler

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Gary SchulerSenior Home Care In Palm Beach: Fall Prevention Is Better Than Cure