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What Type of Senior Home Care Services Can I Expect?

Preparing & Serving Meals For Your Dietary Needs

One of our senior home care services through our initial assessment is we will sit down with you and create a chart of the types of foods that you enjoy eating.

We will make sure that our Homemaker Companion is well aware of the types of foods and cook what you enjoy. Our Homemaker Companions will adhere to any dietary needs and preferences.

The senior citizens home care service for Homemaker Companion is only there for breakfast and lunch.. our Companion will make sure that dinner is cooked as well for you, so all you have to do is heat up the dinner. If it’s a Friday and you would like our Homemaker Companions to cook meals for you for the weekend.. they would be more than happy to do that for you.

Not only does our Homemaker Companions cook, but they also love to bake and would love to be a part of baking a hot apple pie or some chocolate chip cookies for when you entertain your friends in your home.


Preparing & Serving Meals For Your Dietary Needs

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